Hull Bloggers Meet

Sunday was the latest Hull bloggers meet, I know I’ve missed a few since the first one at Fudge back in 2014 so I was really excited to be invited. Our venue was a quaint little tea room in Hull called Liquid Jade, it’s any tea addicts dream. They have a vast selection of teas which come in some beautiful clear glass infuser teapots, I really need one now too!


I met back up with Jenny, who I met at the last bloggers meet, and quickly ordered a pot of Earl Grey before she introduced me to the lovely Kat. We a good chat and a catch up while we filled in our bucket lists that were provided. There was a lot  of fun activities to do like mandatory selfies and tweeting Hull Pie 2 an idea for a new flavour. The idea of the lists was to help us meet new people and give us an idea of all the things we could be doing to be active on social media, I found it really useful and totally love the idea but maybe that’s the organiser in me loving lists?

The lovely Chelsea joined us too, I think it’s always good to meet a wide range of bloggers to inspire you to grow and develop your blog. It’s also nice to know a few bloggers that write  about the same things as you because they have more understanding of the things you write about and may be easier to chat to. I had to try a latte and cake at this point because who can resist cake?

We had dome blogging workshops where we discussed networking and social media and dealing with bloggers block. If I’m being honest we definitely got off track gossiping at chatting about general blogging and what we had been up to.

The raffle was full of so many amazing prizes, my favourite being the stationery set from Busy B and a set of Nanshy makeup brushes. All the money went to Purple House women’s centre, a charity that has actually helped me out and supported me through a few things I’ve had to deal with. They’re a really amazing organisation so I loved that we could help raise some money and much-needed donations!

I was lucky enough to win a Boomf box with customised marshmallows in! I’ve already created my box and I’m waiting to see how they turned out, I have names the box Lacie-mallows. Little Known Box also donated a free one off box which I also won. I’m really pleased with this because I’ve been wanting to try a subscription box for a while but there’s so many to choose from! They source products from up and coming brands, with ethically sourcing and cruelty free in mine.

Lastly I won a print from That Lame Company (best name ever) which sums me up so well! I’m going to put it on my fridge so that I can always remind myself when I’m grabbing he milk for my morning cuppa.


We finished things off my receiving our goody bags to take home, which had some lovely products in. I received a collection of rings from Tessies which is great because I’ve been wanting to wear more jewellery, especially rings. The UltraDEX fresh breath spray will definitely be kept in my bag all the time now too. Nanshy also added a fan brush and also received a few discount codes for Lobster Homeware, DIWAH and Paul Mitchell samples. We all got an HB tote bag too which makes me think that we defiantly need our own merchandise!

It was a really lovely laid back afternoon, so a big thank you to the Hull Bloggers for setting up another amazing event, they make it look easy. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again soon.

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